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Category: Children

Name: Ghost's Revenge

Description: Search for differences following a thrilling plot. The more quickly you find the differences the more score you will get. If you don't guess them you will lose the score.

Times Played: 2197

Name: Easter Bunner

Description: An Easter themed spot the difference game.

Times Played: 2063

Name: Jasmine & Jack

Description: A wonderful spot the differences game. Help Jasmine & Jack explore the park and watch their exciting adventures! Each play will show new differences and branch into several different stories!

Times Played: 1719

Name: Ultimate Leprechauns

Description: Can you keep up with the Ultimate Leprechauns in this spot the difference game?

Times Played: 5146

Name: Meet My Valentine

Description: A valentines spot the difference adventures!

Times Played: 2254

Name: The Dragon and the Wizard

Description: The fearsome dragon has returned, and it is up to you to stop it! The Wizard can defeat the monster, but only with your help. Spot the differences between the pictures to save the day!If you fail, you will first see what happens and then get a second chance.

Times Played: 1224

Name: Melody of Difference

Description: Melody of Difference is a unique type of melody difference game! Moving shapes appear in tune with the music, and you need to identify which ones are different. Click any different shape before the music end. Each incorrect click causes a points penalty.

Times Played: 2162

Name: The Lost Bride

Description: Find the bride and take her to the church! Hurry up, do not let the wedding guests get bored!

Times Played: 7533

Name: Great Indian Wedding Escape

Description: The bridegroom must escape from the wedding on his horse in this Indian wedding.

Times Played: 1444

Name: Wedding Day 2009


Times Played: 2587

Name: Cooking Mania

Description: Cooking Mania,Mom Mary has a busy cooking day for Christmas.She has to do more food for the children and husband whom she loves.

Times Played: 1979

Name: Wedding Day

Description: Dress up this wonderful couple for their wedding.

Times Played: 8559

Name: Pizza Mania

Description: Make the Pizzas to the customers as quickly as possible to earn the biggest money.and don't miss orders!

Times Played: 2152

Name: Birthday Cake Games

Description: Anne's good friend's birthday is coming.Anita considered that nothing is better than to do a cake by herself.Help Anne making a nice and delicious cake as birthday gift.Maybe it's better to make a birthday card for her friends.If you like,you can make a cake for someone and print it.It's a great idea!

Times Played: 2356

Name: Beach Fashion 2009

Description: Give this girl a beach-ready fashion look!

Times Played: 2398


Description: Santa is kind and jolly, but also a little absent-minded. He lost the presents, and he needs help to find them!

Times Played: 1500

Name: Christmas With a Difference

Description: Christmas With a Difference is a relaxing spot the difference game, Christmas themed.

Times Played: 2012

Name: Snowy Difference

Description: Spot the difference snowy style!

Times Played: 1223

Name: Pimp My Santa

Description: Santa wants to be fancy too!

Times Played: 1690

Name: Little Red Riding Hood

Description: Join Little Red Riding Hood in this post apocalyptic version of the classic tale. Find the differences to move on in the story, and ultimately deliver the food to Grandma...

Times Played: 8498

Name: Dreams

Description: Escape into the magical world of dreams as you play this beautiful spot the difference game. Each play gives a unique set of differences!

Times Played: 7010

Name: DinoKids - Math

Description: DinoKids - Math is simple, fun and educative mini game. You can solve simple math and compete the score.

Times Played: 1235

Name: Halloween Girl Costume

Description: Select from beautiful costumes and dress up the girl for Halloween!

Times Played: 1656


Description: a Find Differences game, with a charming character and cute artwork features a gallery and a hard mode

Times Played: 7188

Name: Coconuts Safari

Description: Speed through the savannah on a photo safari!

Times Played: 5058

Name: Cinderella 4 Jigsaw Puzzle

Description: Cinderella 4 jigsaw puzzle. 42 pieces. Enjoy!

Times Played: 1686

Name: Galaedhel the Elf Princess

Description: The fashion fever is up in the Elves’ fantasy-filled world as well! Believe it or not, Galaedhel, this beautiful Elf princess is after the latest trends and loves to dress up in sparkling, elegant gowns matching golden accessories and stilettos! Plus, her princess status requires super chic gowns that are sure to make her the epitome of beauty and elegance! So glam up Galaedhel’s look and put together a fabulous ensemble including a flouncing silk shirt or harem pants, a nice, one-shoulder top sewn with a golden thread and ankle booties. Mix-and-match the clothes and have fun helping the Elf Princess walk in style in her elven kingdom!

Times Played: 1748

Name: Maverie - The Mad Scientist

Description: When Maverie gets bored, the galaxy better beware!

Times Played: 1056

Name: Miki - The Space Police

Description: Help Miki save the world from an alien invasion!

Times Played: 977

Name: A Dragons Tale - Born in a Barn

Description: A friend in need is a friend indeed, even if he's different!

Times Played: 1154

Name: Halloween Jack

Description: Help Jack defeat the monster and enjoy your candy in this spot the difference adventure!

Times Played: 1027

Name: Imagine Artist

Description: Ubisoft presents Imagine Artist! Become a world famous artist! Learn to draw, paint, and create collages through various fun mini-games and lessons. Manage your budding career as you fulfill client commissions, attend events and more.

Times Played: 2647

Name: Imagine: Fashion Designer World Tour

Description: Design the next big thing in fashion and travel the world to build it into a worldwide fashion label. As a young designer, launch your international brand, open boutiques around the world, and design the hottest, most wanted fashion in the world!

Times Played: 11046

Name: Magic Factory

Description: A wonderful spot-the-differences game with jig-saw puzzle game elements. Find the differences and put puzzles together. Receive all achievements to get a prize! Welcome to our magic toy factory! All your wishes become true here, so be careful! Don't stick out your arms and legs, our tour begins!

Times Played: 1562

Name: Gazzoline Deluxe

Description: Make a fortune running your very own gasoline station!

Times Played: 2577

Name: My Jigsaw Christmas

Description: Holiday jigsaw fun! Get into the Christmas spirit with these beautiful, themed jigsaw puzzles. Go for the highest online score or simply relax.

Times Played: 1474

Name: Batman Difference Detector

Description: Find the difference between the two images. Features scenes from the episode "Game Over For Owlman"

Times Played: 1564

Name: Goldilocks - A Twisted Fairytale

Description: Join Goldilocks as she loots a house that is not her own in this Twisted Fairytale. Will the three bears scare her away? Find the differences, enjoy the story, and find out if the traditional ending holds true!

Times Played: 2238

Name: Jockey Girl

Description: Dress up cute Sarah for a day out on her favorite hobby - horse riding.

Times Played: 1843

Name: Christmas in Jelly Village

Description: Jelly world lives according to its own rules, but holidays are the same everywhere. Christmas is coming! Have fun in this Christmas difference game.

Times Played: 1604

Name: Cornucopia Coloring Game

Description: Color cornucopia anyhow you'd like then save your picture and send it with your Thanksgiving greetings to your friends! Or print the picture and color anyhow you desire!

Times Played: 1489

Name: Spring Winds

Description: Spring winds shook the nests and baby birds are falling! Help by catching them before they fall.

Times Played: 1256

Name: Bob Lucky Fish

Description: A wonderful spot-the-differences game with jigsaw puzzle game elements. Find the differences and make puzzle.Help the parents to find their lost son.

Times Played: 1197

Name: gimme5 - comic

Description: Compare 2 images based on comics and find 5 differences.You are given one minute per imagepair and 5 jokers per game.

Times Played: 1287

Name: 5 Similarities

Description: Why does it always has to be about the differences? This time is different lets find out the similarities. In each level there will be two pictures with five things in common, click the similarities before the time runs out!

Times Played: 2273

Name: Shy of the season

Description: This game is exclusively developed to test your power of observation in finding the difference. Find the possible differences in right picture. Try to find the difference before time ends.

Times Played: 958

Name: Find Your Valentine

Description: Find Your Valentine, Try to find all your matching Valentines! It's not as easy as you think, your Mr Right is hidden among hundreds of Mr Wrongs!

Times Played: 3484

Name: Vampire Valentine

Description: This love story may be more spooky than sweet, but even vampires deserve Valentine's Day treats!

Times Played: 1756

Name: Tales of Pylea Crux

Description: Find the differences in this exciting comic-based adventure.

Times Played: 1167

Name: Chibi Fairytale Spot 5

Description: A Chibi-style spot the difference game, with 8 fairytale scenes and 5 differences to spot in each one.

Times Played: 1077

Name: Mystic Worlds

Description: Discover the differences mystic worlds hold. Explore the darkness and hidden places revealed by these doubled pictures and have fun while spotting the differences. Look for differences in shades, in details or just in front of you. They can be found in least expected places, at times.

Times Played: 970

Name: How to make Flan De Coco

Description: Learn how to make this nice recipe.

Times Played: 1398

Name: Alice Memory

Description: Alice is back home. But the wonderland is still in his memory. Find the characters from the novel. Memo game in three different levels: - classic: the classic memo game - mirrors: do not let a character meet his mirror image - wonderland: discover special abilities of some characters

Times Played: 1399

Name: Princess Pac

Description: Help Princess Pac collect all of the glass slippers to win the heart of the Charming Prince.

Times Played: 1929

Name: Orange Jelly Candy

Description: Discover how to make this wonderful recipe.

Times Played: 1630

Name: Picture Cubes

Description: Drag and rotate cubes to assemble a certain picture from the slices located on the top side of the cubes. Complete each level as quickly as you can.

Times Played: 1054

Name: Doeoriki

Description: Doeo meets Gogoriki from 4Kids TV! Go, Go! Doeoriki!

Times Played: 2074


Description: Help Civet solve magic riddles on his quest through wonderland. A gust of wind has taken the belongings of your two best friends. Choose which of your friends to help recover the missing item. The game has three different endings.

Times Played: 1626

Name: Brick Builder

Description: Lego like Brick Building game for kids.

Times Played: 2313

Name: The Leprechaun's Coins

Description: Margo and Smokey on St. Patrick's Day decided to follow a famous legend and to search for a lucky shamrock... But - what a miracle! - on their way they met a Leprechaun with a fabulous pot full of gold coins...

Times Played: 1622

Name: Viking

Description: After a storm our viking fell of his ship and woke up on a strange beach.

Times Played: 1201

Name: Iris Twinkle Toes

Description: A fairy princess and her friends go on an adventure.

Times Played: 999

Name: Robin Hood, a twisted fairytale

Description: Robin Hood - a twisted fairytale. Follow Robin Hood & the gang through this twisted version of the classic story. Find the differences to proceed, and choose your path, discover all 4 possible endings.

Times Played: 4255

Name: PigRace

Description: Help the pig to deal with all obstacles and win the prize.

Times Played: 2452

Name: Chocolate Cake

Description: A rich, medium dark chocolate layer cake. See also our chocolate layer cake recipe with only cocoa and no chocolate. You can cook now a delicious chocolate cake just using your mouse.

Times Played: 1210

Name: New House

Description: Online puzzle game with a painted children's cottages. Choose the appropriate option in the settings of the complexity and more!

Times Played: 1755

Name: Princess On The Pea

Description: Do you know the story of princess on the pea!? Check out the differences and hidden objects in this story game elements. If you find all differences and gold peas you unlock all eight wallpapers!

Times Played: 1565

Name: Red Girl

Description: A classic dress up game with lots of glamour.

Times Played: 1606

Name: Toy Story 3

Description: Help Buzz and Woody save the aliens and find rare marbles in Toy Story 3, a fun flash game based on the popular kinds movie Toy Story!

Times Played: 2538

Name: Ride in the Woods

Description: Little Red Riding Hood is tougher than she looks: do not try to trick her, or you will be sorry!

Times Played: 1097

Name: Pinkypop. Christmas Story

Description: Pinkypop received magic wings as a Christmas gift so he could get home faster. That's how a charming Christmas story about Pinkypop begins in which he will make new friends and celebrate winter holidays.

Times Played: 1654

Name: Yip Yap

Description: Yip Yap is the basic Math game for kids

Times Played: 1376

Name: Child of a Witch 1

Description: Find out her secret. Look for the differences‚

Times Played: 1143

Name: Child of a Witch 2

Description: The story continues. Find out the secret of the old witch.

Times Played: 1168

Name: Lilith - Valentines Day

Description: Join Lilith in the companion adventure to Emma\'s Valentines day. Lilith has a great present for her friend Emma. Will she be able to get it to her in time? Make up a story with your kids as you play through this Difference Spotting Adventure.

Times Played: 1763

Name: Title: Emma - Valentines Day

Description: Join Emma in the companion adventure to Liliths's Valentines day. Emma is preparing a tasty treat for her friend Lilith. Will the present arrive intact? Make up a story with your kids as you play through this Difference Spotting Adventure.

Times Played: 1418

Name: Stone Age

Description: Add numbers to collect number equal to number in field "YOU MUST COLLECT"

Times Played: 1156

Name: Monyo s Adventure


Times Played: 1005

Name: Bobblestitch

Description: Find hidden objects, spot differences, and solve puzzles as you discover the mystery of Bobblestitch.

Times Played: 1139